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Dog Training Turns Your Mutt Into An Obedient Pet

Eighties musical icon, Boy George once said, “I am not responsible enough to have a dog or a child.”

Having a puppy or dog is a huge responsibility – almost as much responsibility as having a child. In some cases, more so.

Your obligation to your furry friend is not just to meet its physical needs, but to train it to behave appropriately.

If your mutt has a habit of chewing on furniture, passing stool in inconvenient places, barking excessively, and being aggressive, then you need expert dog training techniques and tools that bring long-term behavioral changes.

You can find that here.

Dogs that are not trained enough don’t typically learn to be well behaved. You might be under the mistaken notion that your dog will naturally learn how to behave well. But “behaving well” is a human concept. Dogs can’t be expected to know the difference between good and bad behavior. They have to be trained to know the difference.

How To Do (And Not Do) Dog Training

It’s best to start obedience training with basic commands after you and your dog have bonded. ‘Sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘lie down’ are the basic commands you can start with. Obedience training won’t solve all of your dog’s behavioral problems, but it’s an excellent foundation for more advanced techniques.

By the way, if your dog growls, snaps, or behaves in some other poor fashion, trying to browbeat it into changing its behavior is not likely going to work. Instead, you’d likely make the situation worse. Basing your dog training strategies on dominance is a common but ineffective method of getting your dog to obey.

For effective dog obedience training, check out this site.

And here’s another awesome site that offers a free course and seminar on dog training techniques. Here is a partial list of contents included in the free info:

*Effective ways to potty training dogs.
*Step-by-step details on how to make your dog respond and follow commands like, ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘come,’ ‘go,’ etc.
*Know in detail how to control your dog’s aggressive behavior likeĀ  barking, biting, and growling.
*Know how to improve your dog’s health with proper grooming.
*And so much more!

Training Your Dog – Going It Alone?

Dogs don’t learn to misbehave on their own. They “learn” how to behave during their interactions with their owners. It tough to hear that you might have inadvertently influenced your dog’s poor behavior.

It is challenging to observe your interactions with your dog in an unbiased way to see where you might be influencing it negatively. For this reason, some experts suggest that you employ the service of a professional pet behaviorist.

That professional has the training and experience to watch you and your pet together, and identify the vital steps that you can take to improve the way that you influence your pet. Suffice it to say, hiring a professional can be costly.

A more affordable route that also works very well is to check out this online dog training portal that offers free and paid courses created by pet behaviorists, dog trainers, and other canine experts.

That portal contains some excellent courses and an online library of facts and information to help you raise a house-broken, obedient, well-trained, well-groomed, healthy dog. You’ll get honest, straight to the point, practical advice on dog rearing and caring there.

The courses and free info break down their training techniques according to breed and size. Whether you are in the market for a Beagle, Bloodhound, Great Dane, Poodle, or Shih Tzu, that portal has everything you need to raise and care for your dog correctly.

You deserve the joys of having a properly trained dog, one that complies with every command you give.

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